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At Vada’s Club K9 your pet is pampered from head to toe. Whether it’s a hot oil treatment or a regular bath, your pet will leave us feeling clean and beautiful. We start out by choosing the correct shampoo based on skin and coat type.

All of our shampoos are made by Nature’s Specialties, an all natural, bio-degradable shampoo and conditioner line. Some pets require a medicated bath due to skin or other issues. We also offer what is the equivalent of a hot oil treatment. Medicated baths and hot oil treatments are at an extra charge.

Once the shampoo is chosen, we bathe your pet with our custom bathing system. The bathing system is very massaging, allowing us to clean your pet right down to the skin. Faces are washed by hand with a gentle tearless shampoo, to prevent irritation to the eyes. Every pet is conditioned after the bath. (click image for larger view)

Next, we briefly towel dry the wet pet before using a high velocity blow dryer. All blow drying is done by hand, as this ensures that your pet gets completely dry.

We never kennel dry dogs, as this is inefficient and can be dangerous. Using a high velocity dryer allows us to get the hair straight, as well as remove excessive undercoat in double coated dogs. Each pet wears a happy hoodie while being dried, which helps cut down on noise from the dryer. Using high velocity dryers provides us with a safe and efficient alternative to getting your pet dry.

On to nails. First, we trim nails at the correct angle so that they will be as short as possible without disturbing the quick. Then we dremel (file) down the edges, which serves two purposes: helping the quick to recede and smoothing down the nail. We also shave the hair between the pads of the feet, giving your pet better traction and preventing the hair from matting.

After we brush and comb out the coat, we then finish the haircut. The style is up to the owner, provided the pet is not matted.


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