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The Shop

Vada's Club K9 is a custom designed, state of the art grooming facility that offers a superior service to our community, taking pride in education and safety.

All dogs are housed in individually furnished suites while they are not on the table or in the tub. This is for the pets safety and security. The suites are custom built units that are coated with a non-porus, non-slip surface. They are cleaned and disinfected between uses. We also have dog runs for the larger breeds.

At Vada's Club K9 the dogs are bathed using a 'Hydro Massage' bathing system. This system helps the products penetrate deep into the heavily coated dogs and acts as a full body massage for all.

We take pride in specializing in the proper care of each pets skin and coat. Before we start the bathing process we assess each pets individual needs. Using Nature's Specialties line of professional pet grooming products that are all natural, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic, we choose from their wide variety of shampoos and conditioners to find what best suits your pet.

All dogs are dried by hand using high-velocity dryers as our shop does not have any kennel dryers. While drying, ear protection is worn by both the pet and their stylist for safety and comfort.

We have hydraulic tables and can accommodate both large and small pets. Our tables have overhead arms so we can aid dogs that get tired with the use of a seatbelt.


Vada's Club K9 (204) 221- 0998 628 St. Anne's Road Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M4W3